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Details on “Skiing, snowboarding, snow kart in Hokkaido” in “JAPAN SNOW SPORT TOURISM”

Skiing, snowboarding, snow kart

Hoshino Resorts Tomamu

Snowy landscape with powder snow below minus 10 degrees Celsius

The vast course area of Tomamu Ski Area is 123.9 hectares, which straddles two mountains. The 29 courses are divided according to each skill, 4 for advanced, 14 for intermediate, 10 for beginner, and 1 for first timer, so they are enjoyable for both first timers and experts, children, and adults. In the expert-only powder area, on the condition that you follow the rules such as wearing a helmet, you can ski on natural slopes such as forest areas outside the course.

Tomamu Ski Area is located in a frigid area with many days below minus 10 degrees Celsius, so the snow quality is very light and you can ski over dry powder snow.

The Terrace of Frost Tree at an altitude of 1,088 meters can be accessed by gondola about 13 minutes from the foot of the mountain. It is a view spot where anyone can go, and it offers a superb view of the Hidaka Mountain Range covered with snow and trees that sparkle with frozen water vapor and fog. About 200 meters from there, on the mountainside, you can also enjoy scenic views at the Cloud Walk, a cloud-shaped observation deck, and the Cloud Bar, which is inspired by a bar counter.

Overwhelming snowscape with a range of mountains 3,000 meters above sea level
Overwhelming snowscape with a range of mountains 3,000 meters above sea level

Plenty of snow activities. At night, visit Ice Village, the town of ice

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can experience many snow activities at Tomamu Ski Area. Especially snow karts, single-person sleds with handles and brakes, are a popular activity. You sled down from the summit to the resort center at the foot of the mountain along a long course of about 4,200 meters in length, using the brakes skillfully. Just like skiers and snowboarders, you can enjoy the view from the slopes and the feeling of speed as you slide down the slope.

Other activities include snowshoeing, snowmobiling, snow rafting, and horseback riding experiences that involve walking around a snowfield on a horse led by a staff member.

The Ice Village appearing only on winter nights is one of the highlights of Tomamu Ski Area, where you can have a special experience. The town is a row of domes made of ice and snow, and every year since 1998, the production using the cold weather has been rich in creativity.

The Ice Hotel where the beds and shelves are all made of ice is limited to one group per day. Visitors can also use the Ice Open-air Bath surrounded by ice. The Ice Bar, which consists of ice on the bar counter, chairs, and even glasses, offers more than 50 kinds of alcohol. You can enjoy the world of ice with Ice Rink, Ice Slide, ice and snow themed shops and gourmet meals, and Ice Chapel made from seamless single sheets of ice.

Hoshino Resort Tomamu Ski Area also has restaurants and cafes here and there, perfect for a rest stop after a snow activity. The cheeseburger at the cafe & bar tukino features matured cheese and mozzarella cheese made of milk from Farm Hoshino. You can fully enjoy the deliciousness of melted cheese.

Dairy products are popular as souvenirs such as milk, cheese, yogurt, and milk jam from Farm Hoshino, which breeds a small number of dairy cows in a way that is close to nature.

Make a little side trip to Obihiro and explore to your heart’s content!

About an hour’s drive from Hoshino Resort Tomamu Ski Area, Obihiro is a recommended stop for those who want to enjoy Hokkaido more in winter. One of the most famous sightseeing spots in Obihiro is Banei Horse Racing, the only horse race in the world where horses compete with each other by towing iron sleds of up to one ton in weight. Its separate course with a width of 1.8 m x 10 lanes is a straight line of 200 m. Horses weighing around 1 t, about twice as much as thoroughbreds, compete for the goal with speed and power. The attraction of this racetrack is that you can see the horses running hard with their big bodies even in the winter, not only from the spectator stand, but also while running side by side nearby.

There is Petting Zoo on the premises, so you can try feeding carrots and take commemorative photos with the horses. You can also interact with ponies, rabbits and goats.

Relax and warm your cold body in a hot spring
Relax and warm your cold body in a hot spring

In addition, the specialty gourmet of Obihiro is butadon pork bowl. The pork served on top of the rice is thick and features a sweet and salty sauce. There are many restaurants where you can eat pork bowls in the city. Ganso Butadon no Pancho, that was established in 1933, is the birthplace of pork bowl. Slowly grilled meaty pork loin mixes well with the secret sauce, and the aroma of the charcoal fire will whet your appetite.

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